SPOTestTM Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Specific Cellular Immunoreaction Detection Kit
       Based on the principle of Gamma Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA), it can detect whether the subjects have mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific lymphocytes through the enzyme-linked immunospot technique (ELISPOT), so that it can determine whether the subjects are infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis. The ELISPOT technology platform is used to break through the traditional ELISA method, with a specificity and sensitivity rate as high as 95%. The detection is fast and accurate, and it is recommended for use at home and abroad.        The new ELISPOT for tuberculosis infection can well distinguish tuberculosis infection from non-tuberculosis mycobacteria infection, without being affected by BCG vaccination, solving the problem of tuberculosis infection, especially tuberculosis latent infection diagnosis. The tuberculosis infection detection kit which is developed based on the technical achievement is unique and eligible for patent protection.
Product Advantages:
Good specificity, only sensitive to MTB, without cross reaction with most environmental mycobacteria and BCG High sensitivity, basically not affected by low immunity There is a high detection rate among patients with extra-pulmonary tuberculosis The sensitivity of detecting tuberculosis is as high as 95.56% when it is based on bacteriological diagnosis of tuberculosis Fast and simple, report can be generated within 24 hours

Clinical Application:
(1) SPOTest is a valuable aided detection method for smear-negative and bacterial-negative pulmonary tuberculosis (2) SPOTest is an effective detection method for extra-pulmonary tuberculosis (3) SPOTest can be used for the screening for tuberculosis infection (4) SPOTest can be used for the screening for tuberculosis infection before immunosuppressive medication

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