DeFast.TB Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Complex (MTC) Nucleic Acid Detection Solution
       It is the first constant-temperature detection (DNA detection) product certified by the National Medical Products Administration in China. And it can effectively enhance the etiology detection rate, suitable for the detection of related specimens of patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis symptoms and of suspected tuberculosis patients, making a definite diagnosis of tuberculosis, especially providing a reference for the definite diagnosis of smear-negative tuberculosis.        Deaou's MTC Nucleic Acid Detection Kit has been evaluated by authoritative experts from the Chinese Anti-tuberculosis Association, and it has also gone through multi-center clinical test and verification in Tuberculosis Specialist Hospital under Infectious Disease National Science and Technology Major Projects. The clinical positive detection rate reaches as high as 58.86%, meeting the requirements of the "13th Five-Year Plan" on national tuberculosis prevention and control plan for the "positive rate of tuberculosis patients reaches more than 50%".       Deaou mycobacterium tuberculosis nucleic acid constant-temperature detection products have been applied in national comprehensive tuberculosis prevention and treatment demonstration zones designated by the "12th Five-Year Plan", and also in more than 100 designated tuberculosis hospitals, disease control centers and other medical institutions in more than 20 provinces, obtaining good results.
Fast and accurate: Compared with fluorescence PCR products, it has higher sensitivity and can complete detection within 70 minutes.

·High specificity:
It has comparable specificity as gold standard sputum culture.

·Safety: Closed-tube detection throughout, without pathogen exposure, and detection results are not affected by environmental factors
Convenient and simple operation, automatically interprete results to avoid subjective misunderstanding by the operator. Expanded application: It can detect lung and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, pleural / abdominal effusion, cerebrospinal fluid, joint effusion, urine and other specimen.

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