DeFine.TB Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Specific Cellular Immunoreaction Detection Kit
       Tuberculosis-specific T cells exist in the peripheral blood of patients infected with mycobacterium tuberculosis. After being stimulated by tuberculosis-specific proteins again, tuberculosis-specific T cells will rapidly activate and proliferate, secreting tuberculosis-related cytokines.        The Kit co-cultures human peripheral blood mononuclear cells and fusion proteins on cell culture plates. Tuberculosis-specific cells can secrete y-interferon (IFN-y) and interleukin-2 (L-2) factors due to memory reactions, and then adopt double antibody sandwich enzyme-linked immunoassay to detect the concentration of IFN-y and L-2 in the cultural supernatant, thus determining whether mycobacterium tuberculosis has a specific cellular immunoreaction. This method is not affected by BCG vaccine and other non-tuberculous mycobacteria, applicable to the detection of active tuberculosis.
Product Advantages International Pioneer Two-factor combined detection for accurate diagnosis of active tuberculosis The coincidence rate between double-positive results and clinical diagnosis is as high as 98.4% The diagnostic specificity of active tuberculosis is as high as 97.0% Not affected by the background or drugs Smart operation DeFine.TB adopts two-factor combined detection to effectively diagnose active tuberculosis, providing a new, accurate and efficient detection method for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis. By using an advanced technology platform, DeFine.TB can provide objective, accurate, fast and reliable detection results through cell washing and counting, combined with highly automated ELISA detection technology.

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