Deaou Biotechnology-Deaou-US100 is a full-wavelength (185-910nm) ultramicro UV-Vis spectrophotometer with a built-in 7-inch color touch screen. It can perform all detection functions without connecting to a computer. The integrated design and more compact appearance are very suitable for increasingly crowded laboratories, and also allow it as mobile detection equipment. It can be used to detect the concentration of dry nucleic acid, protein, bacterial cell cultures, and to determine the absorbance of unknown samples.

Product performance:

Results come out within 5 seconds

Micro-samples as low as 0.5μL

Wider detection range 0.2-27500ng / μL

Cover UV-Vis 185-910nm
System advantages:

1、 UV detection

It can detect the absorbance value of the sample under the wavelength of conventional ultraviolet light.

2、 Nucleic acid detection

It can detect the concentration of different types of nucleic acids such as dsDNA, ssDNA, and RNA, as well as the absorbance from 220 to 350nm thereof.

3、Protein detection

It can detect the concentration of ordinary purified protein and the absorbance thereof at 205nm and 280nm;

Quantitative analysis of BCA protein, Bradford protein, Lowry protein, Pierce 660nm protein.

4、 Detection of fluorescent dye perssad on protein chips

It can detect protein concentration and dye absorbance values, for assessing the degree of protein / dye bonding.

5、 Detection of microbial cell culture concentration

It can detect the OD600 value of bacteria solution and monitor the growth of microbial cells.

6、Kinetics detection

It can determine kinetic experiments such as enzyme activity and growth curve.



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