In responds to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, Deaou has successfully developed a rapid testing solution for the covid-19 virus, which includes Virus Sampling Tube, Transport Medium, Virus Nucleic Acid Purification Reagents , RT-PCR Detection Kit and RT-PCR Detection Devices. During the outbreak, DEAOU company was proudly selected by Guangdong provincial government to supply covid-19 related products for national strategic stockpile. Deaou has acquired all necessary approvals and certifications (CE, Export Approval for Medical Products, ISO 13485) for exportation of covid-19 testing products. Deaou company has been included in the approved exportation of medical equipment list published by CCCMHPIE. In terms of production capacity, Deaou has built multiple reagent and detecting instrument production lines which can guarantee weekly production capacity of 1 million tests.
Virus Sampling Tube
Transport Medium
Virus Nucleic Acid Purification Reagents
COVID-2019 Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit(Dual-RTPCR)
Real-Time PCR Detection System
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Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (Trial Version 7)(National Health Commission)
Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) technical guidance: laboratory testing for 2019-nCoV in humans (WHO)
Guangdong ICP No. 16024184 Guangzhou Deaou Bio-technology Co., Ltd.
Detecting Instruments
Quality Management System